* “Kanya” | 'kan-néya (Sanskrit) means Girl; the sixth zodiacal sign, Virgo.

Who is Design Kanya*?

Hi, My name is Swathi and Design Kanya
is my online portfolio. I'm an experienced Graphic & Web Designer and a front-end developer as well.

I absolutely love clean, crisp & user friendly design. I have recently discovered HTML5/CSS3 and I'm in love with it.

I'm a full time freelancer, versed with different web technologies, be it designing or coding a website, I do it all.

I build websites from the ground up, starting from the design into the code and then installation onto your server, providing hosting service if needed.

My services include:

  • Custom design
  • Logo design
  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Design for Mobiles
  • Custom Wordpress
  • Print design
Year after year, I have been creating web and print related stuff using various state of the art, tools & technologies.

Here is some of my featured work which I update from time to time.

  • Web
  • Logos
  • Artwork
I would love to hear from you
Please give me a few business hours, or until next day to respond.

thank you for your interest.
 I will respond as soon as possible.

Recent work

One of my recent deliveries
Custom iPhone app screen design for window fitter quote app
2 March, 2012

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    Web Templates

    Engage your customers with unique web presence
    A well designed web template can often be a "game changer" for the modern business. It will be worth when your website will cast its first impression on the visitors.

    I have hands on experience in designing both conventional and web 2.0 templates in Photoshop. I also pay special attention in optimizing the sliced images for their filesizes vs quality, used in the table-less XHTML pages.


    Appraise your unique brands with unique logos
    Logos are the face of modern business. A memorable brand identity will help your company or product outshine the competition. When created with intricate creativity, they will reveal the concept and idea of the company, in the first glance.

    I cater to logo design for both web and print. Your brand is unique and I can make it stand out in the competition.


    Some sketches from my hobby file
    I have always loved sketching right from my childhood and right now its my top hobby. My love for art soared to 9th cloud when I recently got my Wacom Intuos4. I have been sketching digitally since then. These are some of the sketches from my early work with the tablet.


    My world through the lens
    Photography has been my hobby since a decade now. I have enjoyed the learning curve through it and the fact that it made me travel places to get those special shots which bring content to my heart everytime I go through them.

    These are few of my favorites. I have also involved myself in taking photographs for the design projects I'm working on based on the requirement.